Like A Summer Breeze At The O.K. Corral – Liverpool’s Gauchos THE CORAL Share New Musing ‘OCEANS APART’

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5 July 2023

(Press photo via Maintain Perspective PR)

The singular psych-folk-pop-rock wanderers, revel in a resurgent phase of artistic enquiry and announce that TWO albums will be released on the same day. SEA OF MIRRORS and HOLY JOE’S ISLAND MEDICINE SHOW land on 8 September. The latter is a spin-off project connected to their 2021 album Coral Island.



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James Kelly (frontman) about the new album in an interview with NME: “I was watching this documentary about Italian westerns and I liked this idea that they were a vehicle for creativity,” frontman James Skelly told NME. “I thought I’d love to use that medium to make
an almost surreal western, but as if [late Italian director Frederico] Fellini had directed it.
I just liked that idea of sort of taking a genre and using it for whatever you want.

“I was also thinking about all the AI stuff. In a way that’s what we do anyway we go, ‘I’d like to hear this, mixed with this and hear what that would sound like’ because the thing you want doesn’t exist. So you try and make it yourself.”

New single: OCEANS APART feat. actor Cillian Murphy.

The third single from the upcoming longplayer
following Wild Bird and It Was Only Love.

Band: “The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen would’ve written if, instead of touring
the world, they stayed in watching cinecittà studios films and listening to Gene Clark.’

TUTV: Imagine sitting on a rocking chair on the porch of the O.K. Corral while a summer breeze stirs up some dust, dreaming about forming a band and playing some romantic tunes, while watching a Sergio Leone movie on your iPad. That’s somehow the spirit of Oceans Apart to my ears. Capisce?

Once upon a time in Liverpool…

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