Rapper OSCAR MIC Hips And Hops For Ukraine On New Jam

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14 April 2022

London’s rapper OSCAR MIC decided to write and release a song
for Ukraine after witnessing on the news the horrific violence and
criminal civilian targeting of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion.

All proceeds of the song go to Save The Children’s Ukraine Appeal.

The rad result is WE ARE UKRAINIAN. A tremendously catchy hip-rap-pop
jam featuring steel drums and timpani balancing somewhere between Roots
and Mr. Scruff. Spot on message.

“Fleeing people running scared, so tell me Where’s the justice?
Our leaders say they care, tell me can you trust this?
Urban warfare, your home’s done and dusted,
Aiming at the public, they wouldn’t? They just did,”

To hell with Putin…

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(Press photo via Future Proof Promotions)