HYPOCHRISTMUTREEFUZZ Released Electro Banger From Their Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘ODE TO THE NIGHT’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 February 2020

(Artwork by Iljen Put)

After their excellent, kooky and freakish 2017 debut longplayer, take a deep breath,
titled Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, Belgian wayward motherrockers,
take another deep breath, HYPOCHRISTMUTREEFUZZ are back with the lead single,
called ‘ODE TO THE NIGHT’, from their new, upcoming album, titled ‘HYPNOS’.

‘Ode To The Night‘ is inspired by Greek mythology in which there is personalization for everything. The night is, for example, the goddess Nox – an elusive, super handsome,
but also very dangerous appearance and also. the mother of Hypnos and Thanatos,
who represent sleep and death respectively. Definitely perfect stuff for a Hypo song.

Expect maniacal electro drones, hammering beats, a siren-like guitar sequence
and nightmarish rap vocals by frontman and songwriter Ramses Van den Eede.
This new psycho banger is the fitting soundtrack for a party with your friends
at the local cemetery at midnight. Creepy and ominous. A motherocking blast!

Here comes the night…


Artwork new album HYPNOS – out 27 March