Waking Up With Explosive Engine OFF! Screaming ‘KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

23 March 2023

New EP for RSD

Seasoned hardcore fanatics OFF! returned last year with
a changed line-up for their blistering 3rd LP Free LSD

Now exclusively for Record Store Day (April 15) they’ll have a new EP out
with 4 tracks from that album’s sessions, plus the unedited versions of
the four jazzy interludes that appeared on it. More info here.

As a taster for the havoc to come the explosive Florida engine shares
a video for one of the EPs blasts named KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.
It starts with footage from a Free LSD narrative feature film.

Here comes the malevolent missile.
105 seconds of vitriolic venom.

Roll the tape.
And shut up.

OFF! Instagram – Linktree