Killing Gloominess – Swedish Artist SHE/BEAST Shares Her New Single ‘OH DARKNESS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

4 February 2021

Who: Singer and bassist Katja Nielsen
from Swedish punk gang Arre! Arre!

“Writing music has always been a coping strategy for me. Feelings get
bottled up in a very destructive way if I don’t write a song about something
I’m going through,
” says Nielsen who suffers from bipolar problems.

Pick: OH DARKNESS – single from upcoming EP ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

Score: Killing gloominess embedded in a drum/bass-driven ripper that
weirdly sticks like first-class glue all the way while Nielsen dances on the
grave of darkness. Her puzzling vocals and quirky organ-like fragments
create a bewitching resonance that seduces you to be part of this inky
black experience. Sonic exorcism as cure and salvation. More efficient
than an expensive psychiatrist.

‘Oh Darkness, you kill me again’

SHE/BEAST: Facebook

New EP This Too Shall Pass out 12 March via PNKSLM

Recorded and mixed by Joar Andersen
Mastered by Joakim Lindberg