OMBUDSMEN – Manchester’s Capricious Misfits Confuse Your Indie Ears The Way They Like It With ‘CHUTZPAH’

New striking strokes

9 November 2023

Who: Manchester based four piece, drawing inspiration from all kinds of laces, which include proto-punk, prog-rock and hip-hop (not all of the influences feature a hyphen), resulting in angular rhythms, dancey beats and fun textures.

Opener of their new 4-track EP
titled Terms & Conditions Apply (stream below).

TUTV: So much is happening here at once that you need a couple of spins to find
out what is all play. First in, hungry guitars and footstompin’ drumming immediately
joined by frolicsome synth touches that easily could be experienced as the theme of
a creepy movie, depending on your (in)stable state of mind.

Next, eerie vocals, backed by some spooky howling, check in adding a what’s going on
vibe, and zigzagging through all the sonic razzmatazz. Head-spinning stuff, folks.

Are you confused? You should be, just like I was on first hearing. Use the repeat
button and you’ll be puzzled over and over again, the way your greedy ears like it.
Gloriously crazy shit. Yes!


Even better news.

The whole 4-track EP ‘Terms & Conditions Apply
is a razzle-dazzle piece of work. Check it out.


OMBUDSMEN: Facebook – Instagram
TUTV: Facebook – Instagram