Singer/Songwriter ANNA TOSH Shines With Funky ‘WEIGHTLESS’ Cracker From Her Debut EP…

Who: “London born and bred, Anna Tosh has been lending her considerable six-string skills
to a varied roster of bands since she was a teenager, but with her own collection of striking self-penned songs demanding attention, and the assistance of a red-hot rhythm section in waiting – Herman Stephens (bass) and Jeremy JayJay (drums) – Anna decided it was high time to make her mark as a solo artist.”

Anna quote: “My roots are in punk, rock and blues, but I have been playing and listening to hip-hop, drum and bass, funk, psychedelia, dream pop, experimental electronica…”
Track: WEIGHTLESS – from her excellent, versatile 5-track debut EP ‘One Big Fire’
Score: the opening track of this experienced artist’s solo debut EP is a highly alluring cracker. A funky body stimulant that will make your adrenalin stream faster. A seducing groove spiced with a luscious duet chorus. Get up, stand up and fight for your right to move in wicked ways. Here’s the sensual score…

I guess we’re in the ideal mood to continue and discover Anna Tosh‘ debut EP in full.
Songs inspired by a general reappraisal of her life direction following a relationship
break-up. “They come and go from one moment to the next. It’s a never-ending source of inspiration how weird life is.” revealed Anna

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