One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Believe The WET LEG Hype (I Know, I Saw Them)

Last May British mega hype WET LEG from the Isle of Wight confirmed their
press-given status of new guitar-pop queens with their self-titled debut LP.

A sparkling collection of sickly addictive tunes with witty, absurd, and hilarious stories.

Yesterday night I saw them play live for the first time. It happened at the (always) fantastic 4-day Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium. What a sweaty-stimulating-spirited- sensational show it was. With the volume way up (compared to the album’s sweet sound) the packed-as-sardines tent went berserk.

The two wet legs, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, just like the word-by-word singing/swinging along crowd, couldn’t care less about the sauna temperature. It was
pure rhapsody. Man, oh, man life can be so over-the-top-fun at times. And that’s what
we ALL felt last night., over the top.




Their performance of their super striking stroke Chaise Lounge at this year’s Glastonbury festival will give you and idea about what thousands and I experienced yesterday night.

Excuse me, what?
Excuse me, what?
Excuse me, what?

WET LEG: Facebook

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume – Pukkelpop Festival 20 August 2022)

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: KINGS OF LEON

11 August 2022

Two days ago I saw the American desperadoes of KINGS OF LEON playing live again since their early days when they produced 4 rad rock albums (between 2003 and 2008), followed by 4 big-market-aimed albums (although some ace singles on it) between 2010 and 2021.

They performed at Lokerse Fest in Belgium. And? Their light show was
better than the choice of the setlist with too many songs, for my liking,
from the last 4 albums.

Here’s one of my favored KOL crackers… they didn’t play.

Black Thumbnail (2007)

KOL: Facebook

Photos by Turn Up The Volume

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: The Real Punk Rock Deal With AMYL And Her SNIFFERS

18 July 2022

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Antwerp, 2019)

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS are one of the hottest acts going apeshit on open-air podia around the globe right now. With two sizzling-and-steaming-punk-and-roll albums in
three years under their belt now they have enough stonking stunners to blow people’s minds.

Amyl is the real deal. I know, I saw
her live a couple of years ago and I
have my ticket for her October show
in Antwerp (Belgium) in my pocket

Here she and her sniffin’ comrades explode in Atlanta last April when playing
Security (from their 2021 LP Comfort To Me) for the festival’s security guards.

Turn up the heat, Amyl…


One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: In The Name Of MANESKIN

Italian glam metal rockers MÃ¥neskin are show beasts. They know what their fans
want, so they give their fans what they want. Like two weeks ago when they played
at Rock Werchter in Belgium.

One of the red-hot highlights was In Nome Del Padre (‘In The Name Of The Father’).
The in their native language sung belter from their 2021 LP Teatro D’Ira

Lots of Slash riffs
Lots of screamin” and shoutin’
Lots of fun…

MÃ¥neskin: Instagram