One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday

31 August 2021

British roll over and lay down rockers Status Quo made a living out of playing countless variations of The Doors‘ sultry sledgehammer Roadhouse Blues from their 1970 album Morrison Hotel.

Of course the Quo recorded the blues rock classic themselves and played it live for about a zillion years, like here on their farewell concert – before a temporary break – in 1984.

Let your hair hang down…

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday (Or A Terribly Wet Concert Night)

26 August 2021

Oh my, oh my. Last Saturday I went, after 18 months (thanks to that awful Covid-019).
For a gig addict as I felt like never-ending torture.

But, finally, after that 1.5 year, I was at an open-air show (max. 5000 spectators and full vaccination proof) of dEUS one of my all-time favorite bands – on record and on stage – and one of the greatest in Belgian history, but also well-known all over Europe.

Guess what? I arrived about 1 1/2 hour before they came on and it started to rain, mildly. But a half later heaven’s gates went completely open and very quickly I was soaked to the bone, despite my raincoat. Of course, I was determined to stay. But it went from bad to worse. 35 minutes into dEUS’ performance I realized that I’m vaccinated against the coronavirus, but not for pneumonia, so I drove home at that point of time with a with
an awful hangover (not from alcohol).

Damned Damned Damned. I missed the best part, all their
boiling hits… like this supreme tour de force…

I’ll never forget this sucker punch…

(pics by Turn Up The Volume)

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday

Band: dEUS (Belgium)
Where/when: Antwerp, 2006
Concert against racism
Live shot: SUDS & SODA
Stunning classic from their
1994 debut LP Worst Case Scenario

One of my all-time favorite bands, on record and on stage.

And this Saturday – 21 August – I’ll see them (again, I lost track of
how many times I saw them) at an open-air show (restricted to
5000 people) in Leuven, Belgium.

Actually my first real concert in 18 months! My oh my! Finally!
It’s gonna be very emotional!

Suds and beer for me…

dEUS: Facebook