Psych Pop Act ONE TRACK MINDS Shares New Single From Upcoming Album – ‘SHE’S LIKE LUCIFER’…

New sonic impulses

31 March 2020

ONE TRACK MINDS is a band founded in Trondheim during the freezing winter of
2015. The band melds modern noise structures and classic pop melodies, posed
in front of a backdrop of dark, bitter-sweet psychedelic ambiance and seething guitars. Thick soundscapes and walls of sound drowning in consciousness-altering marathons creates an interesting mix of mind and body engagement. The band released their
debut album A Price To Be Paid 2016 and will the follow-up longplayer pretty soon.

They just shared the second single from their upcoming LP. ‘SHE’S LIKE LUCIFER’
is a bittersweet psychedelic pop daydream about falling in love with a bewitching
femme fatale girl. It’s an amorous ballad that easily could be on The Jesus And Mary
classic debut albumĀ Psychocandy. Its wistful and desirous tone has a familiar
and universal feel many of us experienced one time. Here’s the romantic vibe…

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