Experienced Amazons ONETWOTHREE Make Your Hips Shake With Debut Single ‘PERFECT ILLUSIONS’

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26 August 2021

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Who: A trio-full of sinuous music which reclaims the minimalist sound of the
post-punk that they first created themselves. In September 2018, after decades
of friendship, the three women decided to finally combine forces for a show of
strength. They sport an impressive heritage but they’re also creating something
that’s unique and proudly their own – spooky, danceable, subtle, compelling music
for a post-pandemic world. Ex-Kleenex/LiLiPUT

Members: The new band features three bassists of the late-’70s/early-’80s Swiss punk scene; Klaudia Schifferle of Kleenex / LiLiPUT, Madlaina Peer of the Noknows and Sara Schär, who was singer for TNT and Souldawn, and bassist for The Kick.

New album: Self-titled debut.
Out 15 October via Kill Rock Stars.


Turn Up The Volume: Hip-shaking injection of a funky B-52’s like earworm.
Tickling and titillating. These experienced Amazons know tremendously well
how to get your aural attention from the kick-off. Only 1 minute 48 long, so
you can push the repeat button in an eye-blink. Ace sound, ace tune, ace spirit.
A real illusion! Capice? You betcha!

Shake your booty here…


ONETWOTHREE album is out 15 October via Kill Rock Stars