Waking Up With… LOU BARLOW And His New COMPANY

Works faster than caffeine

23 May 2022

Ohio-born slacker rocker LOU BARLOW always was a busy bee and still is.

We know him from keeping J Mascis company with Dinosaur Jr., orchestrating
his own bands Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion, and going solo for the first time
last year with his Reason To Live album.

(Photo credit: Adelle Barlow)

And why not start another project to avoid laziness? Barlow just presented
new hobby act LOU BARLOW AND COMPANY. His new mates/company
are Massachusetts indie rock trio Eat Fire Spring

I have no idea how they met but what I do know is that their first two songs
Only Fading and Sacrifice have Barlow’s signature all over it. And that’s good
enough for my aural pleasure.

Don’t implode, folks, Lou will entertain us this morning…

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