OPUS KINK – One Of The Best Bands Of The Post-Brexshit-Punk Generation Played Belgium (Again)

27 April 2023

Last September I discovered London gang OPUS KINK at the glorious
indie-crowded Leffingeleuren Festival in Belgium. I was flabbergasted
by their jackhammering sound and their we-are-the-coolest-band -in-the-world

And yesterday they impressed my greedy ears again while
bulldozing through their steamy set in Antwerp (Belgium).

Maybe conquering the world isn’t on their agenda… yet, but their definitely one
of the best gunslingers of the post-Brexshit-punk (r)evolution along with such bands
as Ditz, Lambrini Girls, Lice, DEATHLETTER, black midi and Cassels (which I all saw
live too, already).


1. First of all the music of course. High capricious quality songwriting and staggering
sonic execution. Post-punk exorcism heated up with saxophone and trumpet. Not in a Black Country, New Road way, but rather in a James Brown punk orchestra way. Horntastic awesome.

Check their EP ‘Til The Stream Runs Dry for starters.

2. Their flaming intensity/passion-loaded songs all get an enormously adrenalin
injection on stage. All burners on. They jump from rock opera to scream-your-lungs-out chants (at times in one and the same song) to barb-wire funk pushed by a brill rhythm section. When they slow down and the lights dim you feel another storm coming. And, yes, the saxophonist and the trumpetist are really special, sonically and visually. Their towering play is a fundamental aspect of who/what Opus Kink is and they look cool as fuck.

3. Besides being blessed with a knife-edged vox, frontman Angus Rogers
leads the troops with his big heart, restless soul, and cast-iron determination
to make a difference.

Final result: Opus Kink are here to stay for a long time.

Here’s an idea of their live force.

And before we all can take a breather, here’s
their new rad
single CHILDREN described as ‘our Ibiza summertime anthem’.

OPUS KINK: Facebook – Instagram