British Electro Explorers ORBITAL Released Third Longplayer ‘SNIVILISATION’ 25 Years Ago…

3 August 2019

British exploring electro duo ORBITAL released their third longplayer ‘SNIVILISATION on
4 August 1994, 25 years ago. The album came out at the time the government launched the Criminal Justice Act, the law that gave British Police greater legal powers to break up unlicensed raves, exactly the 24-hour party events where Orbital made its name. The LP’s ‘Are We Here? ‘ single featured the track ‘Are We Here? (Criminal Justice Bill?)’, four minutes of complete silence. The album peaked at #4 in the UK and sold more than 80.000 copies.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Musically, the album delivers on the diverse promises of early B-sides “Choice” and “Belfast,” with more harbingers to their thrash background — especially on “Quality Seconds” — and the addition of a third member, vocalist Alison Goldfrapp, on two songs. The shuffling, quasi-Eastern jungle rhythms of “Are We Here?,” a beautiful piano run to begin “Kein Trink Wasser,” and the glorious ambient climax “Attached” also reflect the fact that ‘Snivilization’ is Orbital’s most varied LP.” Full review here – Score: 4/5

Here’s that fab single ‘Are We Here?

Album in full…

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