OMD – Synth Pop Legends Share New Swirling Single Annex Spectacular Video ‘BAUHAUS STAIRCASE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries.

23 August 2023

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Andy McCluskey (vocals, bass guitar)
and Paul Humphreys (keyboards, vocals), started their highly successful voyage
in 1978, took a 10-year break in 1996, to come back as strong as ever.

So far they fabricated/released 13 longplayers. And #14, named
BAUHAUS STAIRCASE is waiting in the pipeline to be launched on
27 October. Pre-order info here.

The tandem just shared the title track as the 3rd appetizer. I heard some great, effervescent happy-go-lucky summer tunes over the past weeks, but this new OMD
one is without a shadow of a dance doubt one of the best, if not the best. Ridiculously catchy and an all-limbs-triggering vibe. These two manoeuvres in the dark still come up with bright earworms. I dare you to not pirouette yourself giddy nuts to this vitalizing

Big contender for SUMMER HIT OF 2023.
Prepare some Piña coladas and the rest will follow.

The accompanying video is an animated spectacle, features a nod to the imagery
of various sci-fi films, notably Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Run Lola Run, and Blade Runner. Shadowy figures alternate between running through streets under zeppelins and

McCluskey: “When times are hard there is a tendency for governments to look at cutting funding for creativity, just at the moment when the arts are most needed to nourish our souls.
I am a huge lover of visual arts, especially mid-20th century movements. I reference them often in my titles and lyrics. The song is a metaphor for strength and artist passion in the face of criticism and adversity.”



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ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK Released Their Milestone Debut Single ‘ELECTRICITY’ 40 Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

21 May 2019

Today 40 years ago, on 21 May 1979, duo ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK (later better known as OMD) released their swirling debut single ELECTRICITY. One of
the very first milestones of synth pop. It would appear, a year later, on their first album. Inspired by Kraftwerk‘s music-changer ‘Radioactivity‘ the song also criticised humankind’s wasteful usage of energy sources. The pair of ANDY McCLUSKEY and PAUL HUMPHREYS sang the lead vocals in unison. B-side: ‘Almost’

The single was released by Manchester‘s legendary record label Factory Records that pressed only 5000, sold-out, copies. But its success earned the electro tandem a recording contract with DinDisc, a then Virgin Records imprint and the 7″ was re-issued several times afterward.

Electricity had a major impact on other (famous) people too. Vince Clarke, former songwriter of big bands such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure cited ‘Electricity
as his primary inspiration to pursue a musical career while ex-NME writer and BBC Radio’s presenter Steve Lamacq has named it as the track that made him want to become a DJ.

Now, let’s get electrical…

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