Coming Soon… New FIELD MUSIC Album

20 February 2021

Band: FIELD MUSIC (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK)
Key members: Synth-pop dreamers David and Peter Brewis
from the banks of the River Wear to your ears.
Active: Since 2004

Release: 23 April via Memphis Industries

A month ago they shared a first piece called Orion From The Street (clip below)
and here’s another one, a special one. NO PRESSURE is ridiculously funky and totally danceable. In the accompanying clip da brudders show how to make a field music song.

Watch and learn here…

First single…


Indie Mavericks FIELD MUSIC Share Sparkling Single From New LP

14 January 2021

Indie mavericks FIELD MUSIC from Sunderland, UK started their musical
journey back in 2004 and scored seven longplayers so far. And number
eight is coming sometime this year.

Ahead of it comes sparkling lead-single ORION FROM THE STREET.

“I wrote it in a daze. It’s full of accidental quotes and allusions — the first couple of lines I overheard in a Cary Grant documentary but they sum up the whole song — how intense impressions of love, hate, grief and guilt can be an almost hallucinatory experience” says
the band’s David Brewis.

Orion From The Street spins on and on, with fizzing synths and a steadfast bass beat triggering one of your feet’s up and down movement. Add floating, harmonious vocals
and you have a chirpy pop doozy to wake up to in the morning.

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