OTHERLY – Chicago Synth Artist Creates Dreamscapes On Debut Album ‘DARKLING’

17 March 2020


Who:“‘Otherly’ is Justin Samuel Martin. He grew up in a musical family in the greater Chicagoland area, started playing drums at age 10, took piano lessons shortly thereafter,
picked up bass and guitar and started playing in bands while in junior high and ultimately purchased a Tascam 4-track and started recording demos and experimenting with sounds.”


Sound: From the first spin on this varied collection of dreamy synthscapes with the intriguing Kate Bush like voice of Rachel Sarah Thomas made me think immediately of British experimental trip-hop pioneers Tricky, who also worked countless times with arresting female vocalists, and the awesome, game-changing Bristol act Portishead. Martin also creates equally mysterious, atmospheric and ambient trips to mystical
fantasy spheres where you can lose yourself in your thoughts and dreams. This is unworldly music for the twilight hours, music with a relaxing and spellbinding impact, massage music
for the mind, 2020: space odyssey music.

Enjoy here…

Otherly‘s debut single ‘LEAVE’ was released back in 2015
and is also featured on the album. Here’s the sensual clip…

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