Back To The Future With New Single ‘OUT WITH THE OLD’ By MONOWHALES

23 January 2021

(Credit: Francesca Ludikar)

Toronto‘s firework trio MONOWHALES will lighten up
the world with their new album Daytona Bleach in March.

Ahead of it comes the new single – the third off the LP – called OUT WITH OLD.

“An anthem for the disenfranchised, centering on the loss of innocence and entitlement
which we’ve all experienced over the past year. This song is the feeling of being made to
choose where there’s no choice at all, but taking a vicious grip on hope in spite of everything going on in our lives.”

Out With The Old is an inspirational wake-up call to get together, rock together, have
fun together, and most of all to live together. It’s the perfect peaceful dance riot tune
to celebrate a new year, a new start, and a new future. Utterly charismatic Amazon
Sally Shaar leads the troops with flaming flair, vivacious verve, and bodacious bravado.
Hail hail Monowhales!

Time to get up, stand up and fight for your right to unify again…


New album DAYTONA BLEACH out March 5. Pre-order info here.

(photo on top revecived via band)