THE VINES – Australian Grunge Force Released Powerhouse Debut Album ‘HIGHLY EVOLVED’ 20 Years Ago Today

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14 July 2022

Who: Australian grunge rockers led
by hyperkinetic frontman Craig Nicholls
Active: 1994–2018 / 7 studio LPs

Anniversary album: HIGHLY EVOLVED
Released: 14 July 2022 – 20 years ago today

AllMusic / Heather Phares: “They may be hyped by the British press as no less than the second coming of Nirvana, but on Highly Evolved the Vines offer something more interesting than yet another trawl through flannel-clad angst. True, the addictively short “Highly Evolved”‘s primal beat and chunky guitars are certainly post-grunge, but not not in the boringly earnest… Highly Evolved” is a great introduction to the Vines’ eclectic style and suggests that they may have a more distinctive voice — and future — than many of their contemporaries.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: I played this powerhouse debut on repeat when it hit my face. Its volcanic grunge/punk explosions pump up your body temperature and make you want to
smash some furniture. I saw them live 2 times. The gigs only lasted for 40 mind-blowing minutes. Ace. Their second LP Winning Days was a slamming winner too, but afterward,
it went downhill with mediocre albums.

Singles/clips: Highly Evolved / Get Free / Outtathaway!




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