Young Belgian Gunslingers JERK BEEFY Are A Ticking Timebomb – Beware You Can ‘OVERDOSE’ On Them

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21 June 2023

Who: Young indie rock wolves from Belgium.

New single: OVERDOSE

TUTV: Hells bells. After warming up for 40 seconds Overdose erupts like
a volcano. Expect schizophrenic guitars, maniacal drums, a singer who feels
like a ticking timebomb (that’s the way the blasting band resonate like too),
batty voices in the back, and a Herculean chorus to crush Putin‘s criminal
skull with. Think Green Day and Blink 182 turning up the decibels to an
illegal level.

Jerk Beefy are freaked-out gunslingers who give you the change to overdose safely,
unless you feel a sudden urge to bang your poor doped against a wall, on this mad motherrocker. Hells bells.

Alert your neighbours
before you press play.

You can overdose on Spotify too.

JERK BEEFY: Instagram – Facebook – Spotify