PIG – The Scared Saint Of Industrial Sins Boils On New Wall-Of-Nightmarish-Sound Album ‘PAIN IS GOD’

23 November 2020

Artist: PIG (London, UK)

Who: Raymond Watts aka PIG has enjoyed a varied career since starting out
as a pioneer member of the mid-1980’s industrial rock scene. He toured with
big names such as NIN and Einstürzende Neubauten. He wrote for music for
fashion and film artists, exhibitions and so much more artistic collaborations.


Released: 20 November 2020

Info: The Sacred Saint of All Seven Sins, has delivered a new divine declaration,
and so PIG sayeth unto the masses – Pain is God. Fourteen tracks of pure swine
and swagger. Pain is God is an Exegesis of Excesses – glitches and guitar, allure
and libido, danceable decadence. Pain is God is the weaponized word of our
libertine Lord of Lard, here to save your skin from the wages of Sin.”

Turn Up The Volume: If you’re looking for an end-of-the-lockdown-year soundtrack
this is the perfect one. Imagine Nine Inch Nails fronted by the devil himself spitting fire
and kickin’ ass like a Sister of No Mercy. Inferno fun for Goth misfits, darkwave eccentrics, Apocalypse fanatics and all normal people who want to become Goth misfits, darkwave eccentrics or Apocalypse fanatics. This amphetamine-fueled blackbuster is what you need to start and end all corona-free Satan parties with in this damned and doomed 2020.

Even Elvis joined the temple of Pig love…

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PIG: Firebook