Brooklyn’s Electro Pop Duo FAKE DAD With Scintillating Spark At The End Of The Tunnel – ‘PAINKILLER’

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13 September 2022

Artists: FAKE DAD
Who: Electropop duo Josh Ford and Andrea de Varona letting
us know from their Brooklyn apartment/studio that everything
is going to be okay.

New single: PAINKILLER

“Painkiller” is nostalgic, and cinematic, and captures the nuanced dissonance between feeling stuck and breaking free from your inner demons. This track is first and foremost an ode to a relationship between two extremely anxious individuals desperately looking inward for ways to love each other better. “Painkiller” is about more than self-medicating – it’s about self-sedation as a result of chronic existential pain, getting to a breaking point, and making an epic plea for reassurance that you’re going to get through it.

TUTV: This is an ideal post-summer-blues electro-pop tune. Andrea de Varona‘s yearning vocals set the tone here. It’s also a sign o’ the times reflection as Prince once sang about. No, not much has changed since then.

The past lockdown years were mind-damaging for most of us, but even harder for people with soul-crushing mixed-emotions, with more questions than answers about themselves, with severe mental problems (I know, I was there, it’s hell). Yet Painkiller has a scintillating shimmer. It’s that hopeful spark at the end of the tunnel if you want it. All together, unified,¬† we can survive.

Kill the pain here…

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ICEAGE Share Horns Filled Firework Stroke ‘PAINKILLER’ Feat. SKY FERREIRA From Upcoming LP…

1 March 2018

Big wall-of-sound. Big turbulence. Big collaboration. That’s Danish rambunctious engine ICEAGE for you, ladies and gents, sharing another track from their first new longplayer in
four years titled Beyondless. New shambolic cut PAINKILLER features the wonderful SKY FERREIRA and is a robust and red-hot outburst with burning guitars, smacking drums and a massive horn section. Wow! On top of it frontman R√łnnenfelt and Ferreira turn their own messy cool vocals into something weirdly attractive. Double wow! Here’s the audio clip for this soulful hunky-dory wallop. Capture the heat right here…

New album BEYONDLESS out 4th May via Matador Records. Here’s the artwork…

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