Throat Singer QATTUU Dedicates Mesmerizing Solo Debut Song ‘PANIKULUUK’ To Her Little Daughter

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5 January 2023

Artist: QATTTU ((pronounced “KAT-suu”)
Who: A singer, throat singer, songwriter, performing artist, and experimental Indigenous expressionist, originally from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, currently living in Ottawa, Ontario.

First piece of the forthcoming debut album ‘Midnight Sun.’

Panikuluuk (pronounced “PAH-nee-kulu”) means “little daughter” in Inuktitut, and is an emotional, authentic musical expression of the experience of motherhood. It begins with a mother’s heartbeat in an ultrasound, followed by gentle strums on the guitar. Qattuu’s throat singing and Inuit drumming grows as the song progresses, and she sings a simple melody, accompanied by audio clips of her young daughter, Aleah, to whom the song is dedicated. In the song, Qattuu speaks in Inuktitut, roughly translated to: “My daughter, I love you; I want the best for you; I will take good care of you; I will lead you hand-in-hand, for one day you will also lead my hand when I need you. In addition to being a tribute to Qattuu’s daughter – her panik (“PAH-nik”), as young girls are called in Inuktitut – the song is also an expression of gratitude towards her own mother, and the song’s release date was planned to coincide with her Mom’s birthday.”

TUTV: This is a striking mid-tempo moving love song from a mother written for her
little daughter. Inuit drums beat like a vivid heart with a mesmerizing and dreamy
slo-mo pace while Qattuu throat vocals create a both otherworldly and spiritual ambiance. A truly special performance and wonderful way to express motherly love for your child.

Enjoy here.

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