Götterdämmerung Gloom On The Dance Floor With Berlin Duo PARADOX OBSCUR

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27 April 2022

Who: Goth duo from Berlin with Kriistal Ann who studied classical music and piano
at the Prague State Conservatory, while Toxic Razor is a vintage tech enthusiast who had been recording his fledgling ideas on tape. They perform/record together and individually.

New album: MORPHOGENESIS – the duo’s 6th LP
Out: CD/digital on 6 June / Vinyl 30 June 2022 – via Metropolis Records

The eye-striking album artwork

One of the few electronic ensembles to record their albums in real time, the duo capture the essence and magic of the moment without resorting to sequencing and editing software. They also take it a step further, utilising vintage synthesizers and drum machines to create their captivating raw sound.


The feeling that you get
When f@cking like an animal
You’re all alive and kickin’
Ready for the dance floor

The first lines of this electronic mixed emotions stomper say it all. Hedonism
on the dance floor. Animal Reactor is a banging beast of a track. Vintage German
doom and gloom firework (think D.A.F., Rammstein, Die Krupps).

No rest for the wicked, no rest for the empty hearts. Götterdämmerung gloom
on the dance floor is what you get. Sounds very 2022. Time to clean up the mess
humankind causes.

For your eyes and your ears…

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