WARPAINT Cover GANG OF FOUR – A Double Tribute Album Comes In May

20 March 2021

A Gang Of Four – Andy Gill tribute album called The Problem Of Leisure
comes out on 28 May to honor the great, influential post-punk band from
Leeds, England
and their legendary guitarist Andy Gill who passed away
in early 2020, only 64. Order info here.

All-female indie rock band Warpaint responded to the invitation for this LP
with a smooth and trippy version of Paralysed, the opening track of GOF‘s
1981 LP Solid Gold.

Gill‘s widow Catherine Mayer “Andy loved the way Warpaint created not only
songs but atmospheres, without sacrificing drive and danceability. The marriage
of their unique sound with ‘Paralysed,’ on the face of it one of the least likely dance
tracks ever, is spectacular.”

Listen here…

The original

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook

out 28 May 2021

His widow Catherine Mayer about the (double) tribute LP…