Trio BAD PELICANS Are Pyschobilly Blues Brothers From ‘PARIS’

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18 December 2022

Who: Post-punk trio from Paris

Single: PARIS

“The constant Full Chorus on top of distorted bass, along with a martyrized
snare and guitar riff plucked with the thunderbolts of Zeus present the restless
trio of the Bad Pelicans as a V12-powered machine blazing full throttle in the
night with condemned break pedals.”

Track from the trio’s new LP “Eternal Life Now“,
out on 24 February 2023 via Géographie

TUTV: They look like a modern-day version of the infamous
Blues Brothers (3 instead of 2) and sound like Johnny Rotten‘s P.i.L.

Why the Blues Brothers? Bad Pelicans act in the video with the same deadpan
macho looks and sashay moves of the original Bros, black glasses and suits

Why P.i.L? Because the plangency of the chainsaw guitar at work here brings the recently died, eccentric guitarist Keith Levene (once upon a time a member of The Clash) to mind and the bass rumble matches Jah Wobble‘s play. But in the end, it’s the Pelicans being at their psychobilly baddest with a solid knockout.

Il est cinq heures,
Bad Pelicans s’éveille…

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