Leeds’ Young Punk Wolves PARTY HARDLY Reject Being ‘RATS IN THE KITCHEN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 July 2019

(Photo credit: Donald Braddock)


Who: Fired up punk 4-piece from Leeds

Pick: RATS IN THE KITCHEN – new single from upcoming EP ‘Modern Strife Is Snobbish‘, out 26 July – “‘Rats In The Kitchen’ is a metaphor for the demonization of young people by the older generation. Throughout history these views have seldom changed, with the irony being that our grandparents would have viewed our parents in exactly the same light. Also, we had rats in our kitchen this one time…” says frontman Tom Barr.

Score: From the very start these young wolves develop a blitzkrieg robustness you just can’t resist even if you tried. It’s full steam ahead from the first chord on criticizing, totally rightly so, the lack of respect from the older generation(s) while making their point crystal clear with a manifest flare-up that speeds up like a mad hot rod. Time for all suppressed youngsters to stand up and fight for your right to be treated and be perceived the right fucking way. Capture the wrought-up outburst right here…