Waking Up With… KOOL Trio MEET ME @ THE ALTAR

Daily noise that works faster than caffeine

13 March 2023

Colorful American punk-pop-rock trio MEET ME @ THE ALTAR are already around
since 2015 but it’s only recently, with a string of boiling hot singles off their debut LP,
named Past // Present // Future that was unleashed last Friday that they got tons of attention.

NME says: “This album is less about pop-punk, the genre tag with which they’ve become synonymous, and more about exploring the poppiest heights of pop-rock. “ Score: 4/5.

One of the highlights is this slamming stomper KOOL.

Wake up, folks.

MEET ME @ THE ALTAR: Instagram – Website

Chicago Artist KATE SCHELL Moves With Lifelike Video Clip For Human Pearl ‘YOU AND YOUR SHADOW’…

Reflective reveries for the laziest day of the week

15 September 2019


Chicago based electro-folk/pop musician and singer KATE SCHELL (ex-Paper Thick Walls) released her second, intimate and delicate, album titled Past Present And Future last March.

For ‘YOU AND YOUR SHADOW‘, one of the most conspicuous reveries off her compelling LP she launched an engrossing clip. The airy-fairy music sounds like coming out of a music box with a wooden spinning ballerina. Both beatific and nostalgic like a self-made fantasy. The images on the other hand, sequences from a  psychiatric clinic, show how hard reality can be, at least for some of us: the depressing ones, the lost ones and the disheartened ones, always hoping for things to get better. Listen & watch right here, this is part of life…