PATTI SMITH Released Her Masterpiece Debut Album ‘HORSES’ 48 Years Ago Today

Back in time

10 November 2023

Living legend PATTI SMITH (now 76) released her solid gold masterpiece
album HORSES 48 years ago today, on 10 November 1975.

Rolling Stone wrote: “From its first defiant line, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine,” the opening shot in a bold reinvention of Van Morrison’s Sixties garage-rock classic “Gloria,” Patti Smith’s debut album was a declaration of committed mutiny, a statement of faith in the transfigurative powers of rock & roll. Horses made her the queen of punk before it even really existed, but Smith cared more for the poetry in rock. She sought the visions and passions that connected Keith Richards and Rimbaud – and found them, with the intuitive assistance of a killing band (pianist Richard Sohl, guitarist Lenny Kaye, bassist Ivan Kral and drummer Jay Dee Daugherty) and her friend Robert Mapplethorpe, who shot the stark, beautiful cover portrait.”

Patti Smith: “I had a handful of records, but when I was 11 years old,
I liked Puccini as much as Little Richard. They both made sense to me.”



Today’s Yesterday Album – Underrated One ‘TRAMPIN’ By PATTI SMITH (2004)

Memorable longplayers from the past…

6 October 2023

The title comes from a spiritual made
famous by Marian Anderson

Released: 27 April 2004
Her ninth longplayer

All Music wrote: “Nearly 30 years and nine albums in, Patti Smith shows no signs of giving up, or giving in, despite the fact she expected to be quietly doing her work instead of making rock & roll albums and playing in front of audiences. But then 9/11, Afghanistan, war in Iraq. Smith lives the vocation of a poet in an old-world sense of that word. Once, bards were the gadflies of society. Smith’s Trampin’ is a work that directly evolves from that tradition and fits squarely in her oeuvre. Not surprisingly, Trampin’ is a largely political album, but it is far from a didactic one. Smith’s voice of resistance is a human one, not an ideological one. This is timeless music. It knows no age or subgenre classification; it is American music as it has been spoken the world over; it is rock & roll done as well as it can be by anybody.”

TUTV: Underrated album. Again Smith wraps her political views on several issues in masterclass songs, from rock to pop and back, with devotion, eagerness and genuine involvement. And her voice still is one of the most authentic in music’s history.

Below, one of the highlights, ‘Peaceable Kingdom‘.
Live goosebumps version with longtime friend
Tom Verlaine on guitar.


PATTI SMITH Website – Facebook – Discography

Waking Up On Easter With PATTI SMITH

Daily noise that works faster and harder than any stimulant

9 April 2023

Happy Easter to all people of good will,
including Patti Smith and all rock ‘n’ roll niggers,
including Jesus Christ.

Jimi Hendrix was a nigga
Jesus Christ and grandma, too
Jackson Pollock was a nigga
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga
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New PATTI SMITH Book Coming – Inspired By Her INSTAGRAM Account

8 August 2022

A deeply moving and brilliantly idiosyncratic visual book of days by the National Book Award–winning author of Just Kids and M Train, featuring more than 365 images and reflections that chart Smith’s singular aesthetic—inspired by her wildly popular Instagram.

Followers felt an immediate affinity with these miniature windows into Smith’s world, photographs of her daily coffee, the books she’s reading, the graves of beloved heroes—William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Simone Weil, Albert Camus. Over time, a coherent story of a life devoted to art took shape, and more than a million followers responded to Smith’s unique aesthetic in images that chart her passions, devotions, obsessions, and whims. Original to this book are vintage photographs: anniversary pearls, a mother’s keychain, and a husband’s Mosrite guitar. Here, too, are photos from Smith’s archives of life on and off the road, train stations, obscure cafés, a notebook always nearby. In wide-ranging yet intimate daily notations, Smith shares dispatches from her travels around the world.

With over 365 photographs taking you through a single year, A Book of Days is a new
way to experience the expansive mind of the visionary poet, writer, and performer. Hopeful, elegiac, playful—and complete with an introduction by Smith that explores her documentary process—A Book of Days is a timeless offering for deeply uncertain times, an inspirational map of an artist’s life.

Patti Smith on her FB page: “This is A Book of Days, to be published in the fall. It is a year of reflections and images, inspired by my Instagram, but original throughout. The fruit of much labor, populated by sacred ghosts, and celebrating the new.”

Pre-order info here
Out 15 November 2022

PATTI SMITH: Instagram

New MOJO Magazine Issue #345


An exclusive audience with Patti Smith, as the warrior-poet of rock’n’roll takes to the stage once more. We celebrate The Beach Boys on the 60th Anniversary of their signing to Capitol, relive their momentous 1962 and catch up with them all in 2022. New York Dolls’ David Johansen steps back onto the grimy streets that birthed his revolutionary band. Superstar sideman Jim Keltner on madness with Cocker and crying with Dylan.

Plus: Manfred Mann; Simple Minds; Rolling Stones; Working Men’s Club; Ladysmith
Black Mambazo; Christine McVie; Vangelis; Robyn Hitchcock and Neil Young’s Toast.


14 exciting tracks from our cover star’s New York art rock milieu. Patti Smith, Moondog, Richard Hell, Jon Spencer, Sonic Youth and more! NB. CD not available on newsstand copies outside of the UK.

You can purchase a copy and let it send to your home. Info here.

The night still belongs to Patti.

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