30 May 2021


Who: The former Pavement ringleader. A successful
indie band from Stockton, CA. Active from 1989-1999.
They recorded 5 studio albums. Malkmus went solo
backed by different bands: Silver Jews (1992-1993),
The Crust Brothers (1998) and The Jicks (2001-2018).

Born: 30 May 1966 in Santa Monica, CA, US Happy 55!

3 big Malkmus moments…

(With Pavement – 1994)

(With Pavement – 1995)

(Solo – 2001)


PAVEMENT Released Third Outstanding Album ‘WOWEE ZOWEE’ 25 Years Ago…

New and old albums to make your day…

13 April 2020

Californian slacker rockers PAVEMENT, with mastermind Stephen Malkmus in control, released their third longplayer WOWEE ZOWEE, one of their best efforts, on 11 April 1995, 25 years ago. Malkmus revealed the success of the album saying that while his judgment may have been influenced by his appetite for marijuana usage, the songs ‘sounded like hits‘ to him.

AllMusic wrote: “With its vast array of musical styles, Wowee Zowee isn’t as accessible
as ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ or as immediate as the bracing, noisy pop of ‘Slanted & Enchanted’. Pavement never abandon their warped pop aesthetic, they simply expand it, incorporating elements of folk-rock, English music hall, soul, jazz and country… After
repeated listens, the songs play off each other, creating a dense collage of ’90s rock & roll
that recasts the past and present into one rich, kaleidoscopic, and blissfully cryptic world
Full review here. Score 4.5/5

Album in full…

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‘CUT YOUR HAIR’ by PAVEMENT – Their Best Selling Single Ever (1994)

3 February 2020

Band: Pavement
SingleCut Your Hair – written by the band’s
mastermind Stephen Malkmus criticizing
the importance of image in the music industry
B-sidesCamera (R.E.M cover) and Stare
Released: February 1994
Album: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain – their second LP
Score: The single reached #10 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs, their highest score ever

Here’s the original video…

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TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – Slanted And Enchanted – Debut LP By PAVEMENT

Remarkable albums from the past

‘Slanted And Enchanted’

20 April 1992
Debut album

SPIN magazine wrote: “Who do these enchanted boys conjure up? Forces of nature like Captain Beefheart, Swell Maps, Pere Ubu, the Fall, Thinking Fellers, Union 282, Giant Sand,
and the Minutemen. But while I can definitely hear the echoes of these influences, what really brings these bands to mind is that, like Pavement, they open up space. On Slanted, Pavement makes things happen where nothing happened before. Pavement takes you to oil wells and houseboats, deserts, and starscapes, a city spread out like peanut butter, no man’s land, and the place where summer ends. The lyrics fill the air as well, enigmatic and fresh, stuff about making mistakes, catching angels, listening to the radio, and waiting for your dreams to come shuffling over the horizon, waiting in a sunlight that blisters the soul.
” Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: One of the best demo sounding albums ever.

TOP TRACK: Trigger Cut / Wounded-Kite at :17

PAVEMENT: Discography – Facebook

10 Memorable Albums Turning 25 in… 2017

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


Here are 10 memorable albums released in 1992, turning 25 in 2017. Ten big ones that, for different reasons, had an impressive impact back then & still sound monumental today…

1/ ‘Magic And Loss’ by LOU REED
Inspired by the deaths of two close friends. Heartbreaking observations about illness, pain and mortality. Not an easy listening LP, not an easy one to write either. Deeply affecting…
‘Magic And Loss’ on Spotify
Release date: 14 January 1992 – his 16th album

2/ ‘Generation Terrorists’ by MANIC STREET PREACHERS
Their (double) debut LP didn’t sell 9 million copies as predicted but the Manics slashed and burned big time & made it loudly clear to all that they weren’t a one-noisy-album-wonder…
‘Generation Terrorists’ on Spotify
Release date: 10 February 1992

3/ ‘Code: Selfish’ by THE FALL
Techno influenced guitars, electronic dance rhythms and Mark E. Smith on harsh corrosive and visionary mode. Spectacular! Included one of their rare hit singles with ‘Free Range’.
‘Code: Selfish’ on You Tube
Release date: 23 March 1992 – 14th The Fall album

4/ ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ by SPIRITUALIZED
After psychedelia explorers Spaceman 3 broke up Jason Pierce came back with a new band and a most innovative dream-pop album. Spacey symphonies to get completely lost in…
‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ on Spotify
Release date: 30 March 1992

5/ ‘Slanted And Enchanted’ by PAVEMENT
Californian frontman Stephen Malkmus’ homemade sonic dreams sounded messy, out
of tune, rough and damn cool. Glorious debut album that changed indie rock radically…
‘Slanted and Enchanted’ on Spotify
Release date: 20 April 1992

6/ ‘Henry’s Dream’ by NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS
The Australian legend and his fab cohorts explored love, lust and death as never before. Drama from start to finish as only Nick Cave can orchestrate so intensely and powerfully.
‘Henry’s Dream’ on Spotify
Release date: 27 April 1992 – 7th album by Cave & his Seeds

7/ ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ by THE LEMONHEADS
Jingle jangle pop brilliance with a catchy & punky edge. Evan Dando on his way to stardom!
‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ on Spotify
Release date: 2 June 1992 – their 5th album

8/ ‘Bone Machine’ by TOM WAITS
An ominous masterpiece about the fragility and the decay of human life by the poetic punk howler. Dismal in content, rattling in tone, fervid in vocal scariness. To the bone!…
Bone Machine on Spotify
Release date: 8 September 1992 – the legend’s 10th LP

9/ ‘Automatic For The People’ by R.E.M.
A gloomy magnum opus for heart and soul. Timeless, epic songwriting as we know it…
‘Automatic For The People’ on Spotify
Release date: 5 October 1992 –  their 8th longplayer

10/ ‘Rage Against the Machine’ by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
A smashing ‘fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me’ debut LP. Furious, metallic rap protest…
‘Rage Against The Machine’ on Spotify
Release date: 3 November 1992