Boom! Bang! Beat! Welsh/Greek Producer MINAS Hits You On ‘PAYDAY’

New sonic impulses…

2 June 2021

Artist: MINAS
Who: Welsh/Greek producer based in South Wales.
Whilst the ‘Minas sound’ is well known, his solo project
escapes many boundaries, fusing dark musical elements
with a sardonic humour.

From his upcoming album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’.

“I get paid Friday, trust me I’m good for it” is the message, and it
speaks to eaking out as much as you can from a bad situation

Score: Boom! Bang! Beat! Get out of your lazy couch, do some gym,
move your furniture, get that dusty disco-ball out of the closet, your
glimmer jacket too, and fight for your right to go berserk to this high-
powered fucktastic drone. No, do not expect the Bee Gees, expect
a mean dance-punk machine à la Liars, causing a local earthquake.

My housemate staying in his room,
We’re blasting tunes, I mix up codeine in the kitchen
while he munches his noodles.
My parents were punks and I’m being youthful,
What is this revelation, we’re all stuck on phones,
you’ll get run over,
I used to break shit to fix things

Boom! Bang! Beat!…

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