Today’s Yesterday Album – Underrated One ‘TRAMPIN’ By PATTI SMITH (2004)

Memorable longplayers from the past…

6 October 2023

The title comes from a spiritual made
famous by Marian Anderson

Released: 27 April 2004
Her ninth longplayer

All Music wrote: “Nearly 30 years and nine albums in, Patti Smith shows no signs of giving up, or giving in, despite the fact she expected to be quietly doing her work instead of making rock & roll albums and playing in front of audiences. But then 9/11, Afghanistan, war in Iraq. Smith lives the vocation of a poet in an old-world sense of that word. Once, bards were the gadflies of society. Smith’s Trampin’ is a work that directly evolves from that tradition and fits squarely in her oeuvre. Not surprisingly, Trampin’ is a largely political album, but it is far from a didactic one. Smith’s voice of resistance is a human one, not an ideological one. This is timeless music. It knows no age or subgenre classification; it is American music as it has been spoken the world over; it is rock & roll done as well as it can be by anybody.”

TUTV: Underrated album. Again Smith wraps her political views on several issues in masterclass songs, from rock to pop and back, with devotion, eagerness and genuine involvement. And her voice still is one of the most authentic in music’s history.

Below, one of the highlights, ‘Peaceable Kingdom‘.
Live goosebumps version with longtime friend
Tom Verlaine on guitar.


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