PEACHES Stills Smells Like Pussy Spirit – Exclusive Queer Circus Show In Belgium

6 March 2022

Multi-faceted Canadian songstress, producer, visual artist, artistic performer,
and feminist and queer activist starts a new tour soon to celebrate the 20th
birthday of her debut album The Teaches Of Peaches.

Ahead of it, she landed a week ago in Ghent, Belgium (my hometown) for the
preparation of a unique spectacle named Smells Like Peaches with a mix
of disco booms, Belgian queer acts, and professional circus artists/gymnasts.

Last Friday (also Saturday) I experienced, alongside a large crowd in
Ghent’s historic theatre venue called Vooruit, something special.

I know Peaches, her sexual vision and being, her brand of music, and I saw her
playing a fireworks show at a Belgian festival some years ago. But it’s not like I
know all of her LPs and hits, except for this one of course…

Click to see the Fuck The Pain Away video directly on YT…

But you didn’t need Peaches to know at all to enjoy this spectacular event, this entertaining extravaganza, this theatrical celebration of artsy queerness. A festive exhibition for eyes and ears regardless of your sexual orientation. A bewildering exploit. Peaches (born Merrill Nisker) still rules after more than 20 years in show business.

Peaches still smells like pussy spirit.

Peaches: “I really don’t care if I’m gonna sell an album.
I’m like “How can we experiment?” Also bringing people on stage
and doing antics, that is very liberating.”

PEACHES: Facebook – Instagram

PEACHES Covers T.REX – Put On Your Glam Disco Shoes For ‘SOLID GOLD, EASY ACTION’

10 August 2020

Gloriously controversial fatherfucker PEACHES is also part of the Marc Bolan tribute LP called ‘AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan’. Other artists such as Joan Jett, Kesha, Devendra Banhart, Nick Cave, and Father John Misty feature on the longplayer. The tribute was put together by the legendary producer Hal Wilnerr who sadly passed away
on 7 April from coronavirus.

Marc Bolan will be inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon.

Peaches picked groover Solid Gold, Easy Action
and turned it into a funky bang-bang disco stomper.

Time to get out of your lazy quarantine couch and dance, dance, dance…

The original

PEACHES: Facebook

(photo on top: cover ‘Rub’ album)

FUTURE OLD PEOPLE ARE WIZARDS Launch Video Clip For Noisy Mantra-Like Symphony ‘MAN WITH FUZZ’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

9 May 2018

FUTURE OLD PEOPLE ARE WIZARDS is a puzzling noise-exploring three-piece from
Ghent, Belgium. They’re about to release their new longplayer PEACHES this month.
Ahead of it, they draw our eyes-and-ears attention with a pitch-dark video clip for
the enigmatic opener of their previous, excellent record, titled M.

MAN WITH FUZZ starts as a shimmering synths designed symphony turning soon
into a high-powered mantra-like chant. Robust and mystifying in sound, cinematic
and imaginative in vision. Capture the bewildering, sonic wizardry right here…

New album PEACHES out 25 May via 9000 Records. All info here.

FUTURE OLD PEOPLE ARE WIZARDS: Facebook – ‘M’ album on Bandcamp – Twitter

Wizards with fuzz