Twisted Trio PEGA Will Punk-And-Funk-And-Groove Up Your Summer With Their New 4-Track EP

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

29 June 2021

Band: PEGA (Brussels, Belgium)
Who: A musical project that first consisted of 6 Sunday
women in music freedom mode. Then 5, 4, then finally 3.
Expect Dino-post-punk, noise-rock straight out of a calm
apartment and rock ‘n’ roll of guaranteed prestige!

New EP: TEMPÊTE DE CHIPS (in English: Crisps storm)
Score: This twisted trio caught my aural attention on the spot
with their amazingly contrarian and out-of-their-minds EP.

Let’s have a look/listen track-by-track…


Manic guitars, hammering drum beats, and
Eastern-like howls resonate as if Bikini Kill
became a sort of weird punk-funk force.

Turn up the bass here…

– FADO –

Spunky vibes and a twisted cadence à la
female post-punk legends The Slits.

Hell yeah!…


A kooky intro, an eccentric and amplified middle, and
a what-the-hell-is-going-on outro. Another electrical cut
to pirouette yourself dizzy to.

Shake your booty, folks…


A continuation of the Eel Dance madness. These riot grrrls will
punk-up, funk-up, and groove-up your summer. Hallelujah!

Go nuts here…

All together
Buy/stream here…

Video clip for Trop Difficile

PEGA: Facebook

(photo: Barney Roberts)