Beach Girls Harmonies – New Single ‘PEOPLE OF THE SUN’ By FIRE IN HER EYES

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

12 July 2020

London psych/folk trio FIRE IN HER EYES entered the music scene
last year with two notable singles Presenting  and Aladdin’s Cave.

And here’s third new mediation ‘PEOPLE OF THE SUN’.

“A song that calls to those who seek a deeper understanding of life.
A conscious awakening to the beauty that surrounds us” says the band.

It’s a vocal tour de force sounding like if the Californian harmony legends The Beach
came together again for an a cappella performance. Emotive, tender, and quixotic.
The romantic, positive feel (and the single’s artwork too) brings the romantic 60s hippie sentiments to mind. FIRE IN HER EYES share a hopeful message. Truly important in
these bizarre times we live in.

Enjoy the beach girls here…

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photo by Mona Cordes