LOU REED Feat. Phenomenal Opera Tenor LUCIANO PAVAROTTIE Performing ‘PERFECT DAY’ In 2002

A couple of days ago, legendary soul titan Al Green shared his
warm cover of LOU REED‘s 1972 classic PERFECT DAY (from his
Transformer LP).

While surfing on YouTube to find the best Reed version I came across
a flabbergasting live version. Lou Reed (1942-2013) backed by a great
classical orchestra and assisted by the late phenomenal opera Italian
tenor Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007). I suppose many of you have
already seen this breathtaking performance. For me, it was the first
time, it blew me away, and it still does after several spins.

It happened in 2010 in Modena, Italy 2002 as part of a
benefit event for the starving famine drama in Angola
at the time.


AL GREEN – Soul Legend Spends A ‘PERFECT DAY’ With LOU REED’s Classic

22 August 2023

Legendary soul man AL GREEN (aged 77), most famous for his 1972 diamond
Let’s Stay Together (more than 460 million streams on Spotify) has just released
his cover of Lou Reed classic Perfect Day.

Green: “The song immediately puts you in a good mood. We wanted
to preserve that spirit, while adding our own sauce and style.

Green‘s version has that good old retro Motown feel,
extra spiced here with its warm 60s organs in the back.

Charming and beauteous.


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The Late Genius LOU REED Released Imperishable Classic ‘WALK ON THE WILD SIDE’ 50 Years Ago

Standout singles from the past

26 November 2022

The late genial singer-songwriter-rocker-performer LOU REED released
his imperishable signature classic WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (almost
370 million
streams on Spotify) than 50 years ago, on 24 November 1972.

It was released along with that other masterstroke Perfect Day (more than
1962 million streams on Spotify) as a double A-side single. Both songs were
taken from Reed’s Transformer LP produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Laurie Anderson about ‘Walk On The Wild Side’:
“It has the best bass line ever to push a pop song.”

The song peaked at #10 in the UK and #16 in the USA but kept
on selling over the years as it was re-released a couple of times.

Take a walk once more, Lou.

LOU REED: Bio – Discography – Facebook

‘Perfect Day’ by LOU REED & Various Artists For Charity – 22 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

29 November 2019

Today 22 years ago, LOU REED‘s 1972 song PERFECT DAY, from his ‘Transformer’ LP topped the UK Singles Chart. It was re-recorded by Lou Reed featuring various artists including David Bowie, Elton John, Suzanne Vega, Shane MacGowan, Dr. John and several more, as a fundraiser for the BBC Children In Need Charity.

Here’s the beauty…

LOU REED: Facebook

When Heartwarming Voices KIRSTY MACCOLL & EVAN DANDO Have A Perfect LOU REED Day…

‘Perfect Day’
Original by LOU REED

Just one of those rare, magical moments when two memorable artists come together
to cover a timeless classic of a legendary icon in an unforgettable, touching way. That’s what the gorgeous KIRSTY MACCOLL and Lemonheads troubadour EVAN DANDO did with PERFECT DAY, one of the highlights on LOU REED‘s 1972 album Transformer. They turned this reflective diamond into something really touching special. Dreamy, romantic and heartwarming. You actually can feel the wondrous sensation of a ‘perfect day’. And, yes, the fact that MacColl and Reed already left us for another universe colors this pearl exceptionally melancholic. I guess we should cherish every single day to come…

This cover was the closing track on Kirsty Maccoll‘s 1995 compilation LP, titled GALORE.

Original PERFECT DAY version on TRANSFORMER – Reed’s second album – 1972