††† (aka CROSSES) = DEFTONES Singer CHINO MORENO And Producer-Multi-Instrumentalist SHAUN LOPEZ

15 December 2022

aka CROSSES is Deftones singer Chino Moreno and producer,
multi-instrumentalist SHAUN LOPEZ. They work for a long time
together now, on and off, on the Crosses project.

They have a new 6-track EP titled PERMANENT.RADIANT
out. Order info here.

(Credit: Press †††)

Chino Moreno:”The six songs people are hearing are just scratching
the surface of the vast collection we’re sitting on,”
the frontman told us.

Kerrang: PERMANENT.RADIANT, the band’s first output in eight years, finds them
with creative juice at full flow. Once again, this is music for solitude, for headphones,
for the night. It’s a sound built on atmosphere and vastness, to the point where the actual
songwriting itself is a secondary feature to the depth of sound in which the pair urge
you to take a bath.

TUTV: Thie EP feels/resonates as if Chino Moreno wants to go soft, romantic
and even poppy & dancey at times for a change, away from deaf-tones. It works
now and then for my ears, but overall it’s not really a memorable offering.

Video clip for single Vivien.



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