Mean Finnish Metal Machine PETROLBREATH Have Great News ‘YOU’RE WITH THE BAND’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

16 November 2023

Who: 3 metallic noisemakers
from Finland

New single: YOU’RE IN THE BAND
Cut from their upcoming EP, out early next year.

You’re With The Band is a song about the interaction between a rock band and the crowd. It also preaches about the healing power and camaraderie of rock ‘n’ roll with a pedal to the metal attitude, keeping its electrifying momentum from start to finish.”

TUTV: Holy hell! You definitely want to accept the invitation to join this 3-motor metal machine after hearing this blazing riff-riotous beast. Beware, you need to be in physical top shape to connect with this racing riot-gun ripper. Screeching guitars are all over the deafening place, the drummer is going bonkers and screaming vocals intensify the whole sinewy shebang.

At one point they take a breather for 5 seconds and then continue their raw rampage. Here’s enough petrol involved to impress your ears. If they make it through the racket
you may call yourself a member of the band.


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