PICTURE PARLOUR – British Newcomers Score Big Time With Staggering Debut Single ‘NORWEGIAN WOOD’

21 June 2023


Who: Up-and-coming British sensation led by Liverpool’s songstress
Katherine Parlour and North Yorkshire-born bassist Ella Risi.

Debut single: NORWEGIAN WOOD
Inspired by Japanese author Haruki Murakami‘s 1987
novel Norwegian Wood and its relationship with the
iconic Beatles track.

TUTV: Wow! Double wow! What a DEBUT. Norwegian Wood is a slow-burning power pop
torch that grabs your ears’ attention all the way with Katherine Parlour’ s vocal tour de force. What a VOICE! She’s backed by a blistering band, sounding like a full rock orchestra when they usher in the monumental finale.

The repeat button was invented for overwhelming and high-energetic anthems like this.
No wonder Hole legend Courtney Love stated that Picture Parlour is her new favorite band. FACT! File next to Bully, Dream Wife and The Big Moon.


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