Hell Bloody Skin Yeah! SKUNK ANANSIE Is Back With Metallic Bomb ‘PIGGY’

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27 January 2022

Who: Rowdy London rockers led by the utterly
charismatic Skin (real name: Deborah Anne Dyer)

Active: 1994–2001, 2008–present
6 studio LPs so far, with 2016 album
Anarchytecture as most recent one.

New single: PIGGY

Skin: “If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the past couple of years,
it’s that we cannot depend upon our governments to look after us. They
seem to be unable to learn from the past and incapable of securing a
decent future. This song was written in a moment of rage combined with
bitter disillusionment. Brexit then a complete mis-handling of COVID,
how the hell did we get to this?”

Turn Up The Volume: After 28 years, Skunk Anansie still is
a tremendously popular band with Skin screaming her lungs
on this new killer single as if she’s still 28 years herself.

‘Piggy’ is an enraged eruption calling out all incompetent governments,
specifically UK’s short-sighted Brexit statesmen. This red-hot-blistering
shock wave explodes like a metallic bomb with a volcanic Skin chorus.
No mercy for the wicked.

“Yeah, come and see
Papa’s gonna buy us a brand new piggy
Yeah, you and me
Papa’s gonna buy us a brand new piggy”

Hell bloody Skin yeah!


The band formed in 1994 and wanted to celebrate its 25th birthday
with a big tour in 2020, but the awful pandemic prevented it all.
Fortunately, this year Skunk Anansie can throw big parties in
the UK and Europe.