Finish Garage Rockers PINK CHAMELEONS Electrify With Debut LP ‘PEACE & LOVE’

25 May 2021

Who: Indie rock trio out of Helsinki, Finland.

Album: PEACE & LOVE – debut LP
Released: 21 May 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a lot of 60s and 70s related psych and punk
puzzlement with a modern-day indie touch. From glowing garage gusto à la
Richard Hell (Dead End Life / Dog) to a Pink Floyd hallucination (Spacedog), from
sultry sax jams (Slow Me / Pink Crush) to psych-o-billy punches (Rainy Days / Dead
End Life
) from the early days of The Damned (Death By Bliss) to a Psycho Killer riff
(Run And Hide). Thirty minutes of buzz-saw electricity and harsh jingle-jangle juice.
Electrifying debut!

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Finnish Garage Blues Psych Trio PINK CHAMELEONS Shares Spooky ‘SUNDOWN’ Single…

New sonic impulses

16 October 2019


Who: Psychedelic garage blues trio out of Helsinki, Finland

Track: SUNDOWN – newest cut from upcoming EP – songwriter Paltsa-Kai Salama says the “inspiration behind the song is a group of friends, gathered together at a haunted house in the hills. At sundown. In the late 1960s. The sun is going down and bad vibes are set to start.”

Score: Expect some gloriously crackling jingly garage blues disturbance with a spooky
and creepy David Lynch effect. You can see the scary story of a group of friends lost in a haunted house evolve before your eyes. Sit down, dim the lights and undergo the sinister trepidation here…

PINK CHAMELEONS: Facebook / Label: Soliti