Barbwire Trio SKISKA SKOOPER Builds Stupendous Wall-Of-Sonic-Youth-Sound With ‘PINK HARLOT’…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

11 February 2018

The alternative music scene in my hometown Ghent, Belgium is just exploding the last few years. It feels like thousands among us are in a band. Not only to get free drinks, not only to seduce adoring company and not only to scream their heart out without being arrested. No, I’m talking about some really quality gangs that will mess up your head, your brain and the rest of your hungry body the way you like it 24/7. Like this loud 3-piece named SKISKA SKOOPER. I never heard of this high-voltage noiseniks until yesterday when they played one of Ghent‘s cool bars, called De Kleine Kunst (‘The Small Art‘ in English). These havoc junks delivered a smashing set that almost blew the roof of the place and with new single ‘PINK HARLOT’ they prove that their sonic ambition is to break the sound barrier on their upcoming debut album. Discover here why my head is still buzzing…

SKISKA SKOOPER: Facebook – PINK HARLOT available here on BANDCAMP

Building a wall-of-sound yesterday

“Louder? Okay, here we go…”

Keith Emerson’s reincarnation going nuts

“I just want a free beer, goddamnit…”

Meet and greet

The unknown 4th member nailing some riffs

Thumbs up for all cool people of Belgian music site Luminous Dash
and De Kleine Kunst for making this noisy events happen! Rock on!

(all pics: JL/ Turn Up The Volume!)