Rage & Blaze Middle-Fingers – PINK SUITS Unleashed Their Sharp-Cutting Protest Album ‘POLITICAL CHILD’

21 April 2021

Band: PINK SUITS (Margate, UK)
Who: A ‘Queer Feminist Anti Fascist PoliRock
Political Punk Rock & Rage
‘ band.
Making Noise, Music, Dance, Film, Art.

Released: 16 April 2021

Louder Than War says: “At times this sounds like a couple of Butlins Redcoats
shouting and swearing about the stuff you and I would agree need shouting and
swearing about and at other times it sounds like Jack White and Eve Libertine singing
something that would sit alongside Ant Rap or a thousand other basic punk rock tunes
that have not stopped being written since about 1978.”
Full review: here.

Turn Up The Volume says: Only drums and guitar, but louder and meaner than
a jet fighter. This pretty in-your-face pink duo doesn’t care whatsoever about sonic
arty-farty effects nor big boring production. They want it raw and rough, plainspoken
and brutally honest. Expect a steaming series of clash and trash middle-fingers. Targets: Brexshit, Boris, TrumpDumped, fascists, racists, sexists, homophobes, and all related scum.

My kinda 21st Century punk machine guns. They scream and shout like Lydia Lunch having wild sex with Richard Hell, they spit and sneer like Nina Hagen kicking Mark E Smith‘s butt, they rage and blaze as if an illegal amount of decibels feels like a deafening orgasm.

You can’t ignore their manic and primitive sharp-cutting-razor-blade havoc and spot-on protest. Open your windows and doors before you press play. The whole neighborhood must hear these new political children. The pink revolution starts here. Spread the word!

Key single: Fake Great Britain

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