PETRICHOR – Young Irish Wolves Cut With A Serrated Knife Throughout Their Stunning Debut Single ‘PIOUS’

25 September 2023

Who: Four-piece band from Wicklow, Ireland
formed in November 2022

Debut Single: PIOUS

Blowtorch Records: “Pious” serves as both an expose and an antidote
to the frustrations of a generation struggling under the weight of societal
issues. With its heavy instrumentation and haunting melodies, this debut
single offers a glimpse into a new, compelling direction for Irish music.
Dark, heavy, and undeniably evocative.

Band: “When we were writing Pious, we wanted it to have a hectic feel, like it was all
over the place but still put together, organised noise in a way. At the time we were heavily inspired by the fusion of electronic industrial music and loud rock, similar to the likes of Gilla band, Enola Gay, Nerves and Naked Lungs. But that wasn’t everything. We wanted to create something that sounded and felt new, and try to avoid relying on other music, which was all part of our creative process which we discovered by just jamming endlessly until we found something that clicked.”

TUTV: The far-out intensity, soundwise and vocally, at play here cuts like
a serrated knife throughout this jagged mid-tempo jam. Schizophrenic guitars
create an ominous atmosphere and, Lu Hope‘s delirious primal screams come
from a pitch-dark place. Halfway, the band take a short breather to fuel their
tank and turn up the decibels for a crushing finale.

Reference? The exorcistic and mood-swings turbulence of The Murder Capital.
Yes, that hellish good. Stunning debut. Perfect for music junkies in a straight



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