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PIXIES – Lokerse Feesten Festival, Belgium – August 2017

Here comes your man

A planet of sound

“Where is my mind?”

Still digging for fire

That was then. This is now.
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Brand new album BENEATH THE EYRIE out now. Stream here…

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)


Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go bananas to this summer

Summer is almost over, but not yet! Here are five noise killers to mess up your head…

1. ‘Blue Eyed Hexe‘ by PIXIES (Boston, Ma, US)
(Album: Indie Cindy – 2014)

2. ‘Acetate’ by METZ (Canada)
(Album: II  – 2015)

3. ‘Wie Sharf Ist Dein Messer?’ by ELEFANT (Belgium)
(Album: Konark Und Bonark – 2018)

4. ‘Lately’ by TERRA PINES (Australia)
(Album: Terra Pines – 2018)

5. ‘???’ by PINK ROOM (Belgium)
(Album: Zum Kotzen – 2019)

All 65 Summer Bangers so far
collected on Spotify

See/hear you next week for the last episode of ‘Summer Bangers’…

PIXIES Reveal New Cut From Their Upcoming Longplayer – Here’s Contagious Stroke ‘CATFISH KATE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

7 August 2019

Boston’s legendary noise rockers PIXIES will unleash their new longplayer, entitled BENEATH THE EYRIE on 13th September. More info here. After sharing steamy lead-single ‘On Graveyard Hill‘ last month here’s new top cut ‘CATFISH KATE‘. A contagious humdinger that sticks directly. Fresh, poppy and snappy. Seems like PIXIES is becoming
an amplified pop band producing enticing earworms. I definitely dig it. Tune in right here…

PIXIES: Facebook

More info on new album ‘BENEATH THE EYRIE’ here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For JUNE 2019…

This past month’s best…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A mesmerizing mix of crushing corkers and cool cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout June Team!

1. ‘Made With Hate’ by PROPHETS OF RAGE (US)
Super group, super blow-up, super rap chant, super score…

2. ‘Shoulderblades’ by GIRL BAND (Ireland)
The Irish noise engine is back with ear-splitting, bass booming pounding. Shocking stuff…

3. ‘Hollow Thing’ by LIFE (Hull, UK)
Lifelike energy and indefatigable self-belief turned into adrenalized electricity. Top smack!

4. ‘Shifting Shape’ by HAVVK (London/Berlin)
Fierce eruption tackling the inhuman pressure to look how society expects you to look like

5. ‘The Desert’ by WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Intoxicating swagger, sensuous vocals, cutting atmosphere, sticky chorus. Boss stroke!

6. ‘IIII’ by FÖLLAKZOID (Chile)
Darkwave psych force returns with an enigmatic and mind-boggling electro marathon…

7. ‘Red Mirror’
by MECHANIMAL (Athens, Greece)
Droning synths beats that will make your body move in mysterious ways. Magnetic trip…
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8. ‘Orange County’ by WILD MERCURY (Montreal, Canada)
Boosting banger bouncing up & down, going slow & fast, hopping from left to right & back

9. ‘On Graveyard Hill’ by PIXIES (Boston, US)
Catchy cemetery noise rock. Yep, Pixies are back kicking ass…

10. ‘Colours’ by SHYBITS (Berlin)
A 21st century shoegazing Beach Boys And One Girl trio causing swirling waves…

11. ‘Letters’ by THE LVE (Belgium)
Delightful guitar pop humdinger about being yourself and staying that way…

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PIXIES Launch Fervent Single From New LP – Here’s ‘ON GRAVEYARD HILL’…

Brand new sonic impulses

3 June 2019

‘s noise rockers PIXIES will release a new album, entitled BENEATH THE EYRIE
on 13th September. More info here. And here’s the creepy titled single ‘ON GRAVEYARD HILL’ where all the scary stuff seems to happen in the witching hour. Expect a firm dose
of bouncy riffs, a fervent flow and a steamy chorus you can put your teeth in. Hallelujah! Catch the cemetery action right here…

PIXIES: Facebook – Website – Tour Dates

Great Song Lines From… ‘DIG FOR FIRE’ By PIXIES

Damn, why didn’t I had that idea…

Year: 1990

There is this old woman
She lives down the road
You can often find her
Kneeling inside of her hole
And I often ask her
“Are you looking for the mother lode?”
Huh? No. No my child, this is not my desire
And then she said

I’m digging for fire (x4)

There is this old man
Who spent so much of his life sleeping
That he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years
He resides. On a beach. In a town
Where I am going to live
And I often ask him
“Are you looking for the mother lode?”
Huh? No. No my child, this is not my desire
And then he said

I’m digging for fire (x4)

Relaxing after digging

(photo: AP / Getty Images)

HISTORY – 17 April 1989 – PIXIES Release Second LP ‘DOOLITTLE’ 30 Years Ago

17 April 2019

PIXIES, the band who changed noise rock in a way that it actually became part of the left side of the mainstream, released their second and one of their best LPs DOOLITTLE today 30 years ago, on 17 April 1989. Six years later (1995) the record certified gold in America (see, I just told you, left-side of the mainstream) thanks partly, IMO, to its accessible singles.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Another frightening, compelling whirlwind. Francis is at all times in command of the album, quietly stringing us along before turning on us and screaming for attention. It’s about time everyone started taking notice.

Three of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite tracks…



(Live version – all looking so young!)

Album in full…

PIXIES: Facebook