German Turbine PLASTIC MARS Thunder On New Single ‘NOT LIKE YOU’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 April 2023


Who: Hard-and-fast hitting 4-piece from Limburg, Germany
formed in 2017 by music freak Ronny. So far they have one
album on their shelves named Up To Our Necks, released
in 2021.

New single: NOT LIKE YOU

Ronny: “In the age of social media, the term “hate speech” is on everyone’s lips and a big problem. Trolls can hide behind fake profiles in the anonymity of the Internet and uninhibitedly put down other people with hate comments without being held accountable . Our song “Not Like You” is a hearty middle finger to all haters and internet trolls!”

TUTV: After a walloping drum intro Plastic Mars go full speed with all burners and all heaters on. Expect riff-manic guitars all over the place, pitiless percussion, sneering vocals and a sickly sticky chorus to scream your lungs out to. Think Green Day and Blink 182 with their steaming punk rock fireworks. You better hide, all you moronic haters and internet imbeciles out there ’cause this German turbine is coming after you.

Move your furniture and start a moshpit
on your own. It’s going nuts time!

Let’s roll.