Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS For JULY 2023



1. ‘Just Shadows’ by JEEN (Canada)

Canadian singer-songwriter Jeen launches her 5th album
later this year and Just Shadows is the first taster.

“I wrote “Just Shadows” just thinking how the darker parts of everything can snuff
out some of the best people’s light. It’s about trying to get out from under it so we
don’t just become casualties of our shittiest days.”

Just Shadows is a cast iron, drumming energy-stroke detonating with firm
puissance when the chorus hits your ears and Jeen‘s towering voice spices
all things up with flamboyant flair. The vitalizing impact of this effervescent
summer anthem is heartening.




A new supergroup has arrived.

It features The Cure drummer LOL TOLHURST (64), BUDGIE (65),
former Siouxsie and the Banshees drummer and Siouxsie‘s husband,
and Irish music producer Jacknife Lee.

Los Angeles is the title track of their first, forthcoming LP.

It features LCD Soundsytem‘s mastermind/voice James Murphy
and soundwise it’s what you may expect from these musicians.

Los Angeles is a stompin’ and pumpin’ percussion burst
to stomp your feet and pump your fists like mad.



3. ‘Milk’ by BLACK GRAPE (Manchester)

Happy mondays Shaun Ryder, and rapper Kermit (Paul Leveridge) are back.
They fabricated a new, their 4th, LP named Orange Head hitting the streets
in November.

Milk is the lead single. A pounding disco-rock blast
with the 24-party madchester vibe of the 90s.



4. ‘The Trench Coat Museum’ by YARD ACT (UK)

The British post-punk mavericks announced a few weeks ago that they finished their
2nd longplayer, but first we can go gaga to this new smashing stand-alone single.

The Trench Coat Museum is an 8+ minute dancefloor filler infused with a flabbergasting bass riff, spiced with Smith‘s parlando vocals, schizo guitars and yes, cowbells. I guess that for the second half of this super-duper knockout, Smith left the studio for a cup of tea. Anyway, from there on jumbo techno-like beats take over.



5. ‘Three‘ by SEARCH RESULTS (Ireland)

I swear, when this knife-edged tune hit my ears for the first time, I thought
I pushed the wrong button and instead of these young Irish gunslingers I got
post-punk legends The Fall on my headphones.

These young Irish gunslingers’ combination of hyperkinetic drum/bass beats,
fanatic guitar riffage, Mark E Smith sneering and an overall staccato sonority
is irresistibly engrossing.

Tune in.


6. ‘Algorithms’ by KASABIAN (Leicester)

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Last year Leicester’s rock heroes KASABIAN returned with
their number one longplayer The Alchemist’s Euphoria.

To warm up for a hot festival summer the band invited us to sing-along
on this magnified pop lullaby. Its anthemic chorus is irresistibly infectious.

Let’s roll.


7. ‘That’s Where She Belongs’ by THE CORAL (Scotland)

The seasoned psych-folk-pop-rock troubadours will offer us, on 8 September,
two albums. Sea Of Mirrors and Holy Joe’s Island Medicine Show.

If you haven’t found your sonic twilight summer companion yet, then this new
Coral tune will be the one. The Liverpool gang are experts in writing/creating hum-along, whistle-song, sing-along and dream-along pearls while you can tap your feet to the beat. Imagine sitting in a rockin’ chair on the porch of your farmhouse in a Serge Leone-directed spaghetti western. That’s the vibe.



8. ‘Do You Mind I’m A Little Late For Life?’ by BY FAR (Belgium)

Their debut single Bricks already entertained my music-addicted ears,
and this new one is a stone gold gem too. The fervent passion and the
overwhelming psychedelic resonance are nothing less than astounding.

The song’s bone-chilling progression blows you away, slowly but surely.

Get puzzled.


9. ‘Vampire Empire’ by BIG THIEF (Brooklyn, NY)

This is a diamond of a song. Vampire Empire is another staggering
new gem by a staggering band. Intense, dynamic, jaunty and avid
vocals by Adrianne Lenker. I love Big Thief.



10. ‘Through To You’ by LEBARONS (Toronto, CA)

Through To You is a track from the group’s sophomore album,
titled Days Are Mountains. It lands on August 11th.

It all starts with a steady, feet-activating drum beat, soon followed by an explosion
of hectic guitars. And in an eye/ear blink the whole resistlessly sonic process steamrolls over you, again and again, and riffs and grooves and moves it’s way like an electric-charged whirlwind to a sped-up climax. Frontman MacDonald wants to bang his head against a wall. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea in case you need to get rid of some demons, that is.

Press play.


11. ‘Ocean View’ by MERES (Australia)

The energy developed here is off the charts. Meres rock their tails
off on this sinewy punk missile. Chainsaw guitars, forthright drums/bass
spanks and the both sensual and spiced vocals of Mary Shannon.

This hit-and-run uppercut will start lots of moshpits.



12. ‘Queen’ by CLONE (Canada)

Clone is a lush rock ’n’ roll collage collective that fuses the sequined swagger of 70’s glam with the DIY gut punch of early punk and polishes it all off with the audacious vocals of contemporary pop.

Their new single Queen is a big wham T.Rex bang.

The British trashy 70s riffs, groovy hooks and flashy licks are all over the place. It also echoes Bowie‘s smashing 1974 hit Rebel Rebel. And I can’t but think of glam rock icon Suzy Quatro when front Amazon Juniper Watters comes on with her sensual and sultry vocals.

She’s not a clone, she’s for real, she’s the perfect queen for this firecracker. She’s extremely inspired by drag culture and is a huge supporter of the drag community.

Big bang.


13. ‘No Meaning Man’ by WE MELT CHOCOLATE (Florence, Italy)

Expect a titanic wall-of-shoegaze-layered sound that takes your breath away for almost
4 razzle-dazzle minutes. It feels as if this spectacular piece of a hallucinatory symphony comes out of space with its reverberated and tremoloed guitars, its scintillating synths,
its mystifying melodiousness and its cosmic vocals.



14. ‘Nookie’ by FIDLAR (Los Angeles)

L.A. punks Fidlar produce an illegal amount of decibels on their nasty
steamed-up cover of 1999 hit NOOKIE by Fred Dust‘s gang LIMP BIZKIT.



15. ‘I’m A Wreck’ by ROOMMATES (UK)

These British gunslingers kick-start your adrenalin production from the first chord on with this peppery pop-punk cryout fed by schizo guitars and distressed vocals. A thrill, although the song is about the wake of a breakup, an anthem of self-loathing, regret, and ultimately, forgiveness. I said it a million times before, heartache can lead to explosive catharsis in music.

Listen up.


16. ‘Fury’ by pMAD

Fury is an explosive cocktail of speed metal(lica), synth sketches, post-punk tumult
and dark-Goth-wave vocals. It’s a fuzz and buzz rocket that whirls forth and back. These messed-up times cause mind-madness and paranoia that leads to furious eruptions as pMAD experiences too.



17. ‘Floatin’ Stone’ by VOGUE VILLAINS (Canada)

Floatin’ Stone is a robust tune powered-up by a mean hard rockin’ machine.
References? Muscular Australian noisemakers Wolfmother and stoner rock
mavericks Queens Of The Stone Age. Say no more.



18. ‘Another Country’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH (UK)

This must be the closest The Underground Youth come to sound like The Velvet
. The repetitive jingle jangle pattern, the midnight hour vocals of
Dryer, the dreary harmonies and the ongoing melodic catchiness. All ingredients
for a psych gem are in place here.

Run, run, run.


19. ‘Birthday Cake’ by TEEN IDLE (New Jersey, US)

This slow-progressing musing appeals instantly with its rudimentary PJ Harvey-esque
guitar play and Abdelbarry‘s affectional voice, think Sharon Van Etten.

Birthday Cake‘s has both a romantic and wistful sonority that captivates
and moves. And halfway melancholic synths accentuate the overall ruminate
timbre in a warm way.



20. ‘Love Town’ by JEREMY TUPLIN (England)

Photo by Suzi Corker

Newest piece from Tuplin‘s 4th LP Orville’s Discotheque.

Love Town is a heart-warming and reflective musing about falling in love.
A romantic candlelight ballad for mind-relaxing moments. Sweet and sensitive.

Tuplin‘s vocality made me immediately think of The National‘s melancholic crooner
Matt Berninger with its affectional resonance. Beautiful. Let’s follow him to Love Town,
wherever that might be.


See/hear you next month, music junkies 

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pMAD Goes Out Of His Mind On His Synth-Punk-Metal Blast ‘FURY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 July 2023

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of Irish musician Paul Dillon who draws inspiration from bands
like The The, The Cure, Killing Joke, Echo and the Bunnymen, Rammstein, and Depeche Mode, and developed a unique sound that traverses genres from Darkwave Post-Punk to Trash Metal Indie Rock.

New single: FURY

“Ever get so furious you don’t know what to do and think your fury will never leave you? Life can be so frustrating somedays and it drives us furious. If we keep carrying that Fury we will destroy ourselves!!”

TUTV: Fury is an explosive cocktail of speed metal(lica), synth sketches, post-punk tumult and dark-Goth-wave vocals. It’s a fuzz and buzz rocket that whirls forth and back. These messed-up times cause mind-madness and schizophrenia that leads to furious eruptions as pMAD experiences too.

Instead of going mental in the streets and be a nuisance for the people that surround
you, lock yourself up in your bedroom, and turn Fury up to the max on your stereo. That’s a saver and a more tolerant way to go mental and to face your demons. Destroy them.

Hell bloody hell yeah!



pMAD: Facebook – Instagram

More Dark-Waves From pMAD – Here Is His New Doomsday Single ‘FIRE’

New striking strokes

5 May 2023

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of post-punk, gothic rock artist Paul Dillon
from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland. He has been described as:
“If The Cult and The Mission had a child this is what it would sound like”.

New single: FIRE

It’s the second shared piece, following Down, from new upcoming album
I In Power. A collection of eight brand new original tracks. The album will
only be available as a Download or on CD until all the singles have been
released in 2024.

Album artwork

Fire starts slowly with ominous synths, but from the moment pMad‘s voice takes
over, the tension swells instantly and turns this Doomsday piece of forth and back
music, pushed by crashing electronics and nervous guitars, into a sonic warning
omen. More dark-waves from pMad, more dark clouds in the sky.

Key lines

Hate Hate Hate
just become the norm
Fire Fire Fire
All we do is mourn

You tell us a pack of lies
That it will be soon
That it will be soon
But when is that?
But when is that?

The Fire is rising
The Fire is rising
The Fire is rising rising
The flames are rising

Stream/buy here.


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Riveting Rockabilly Vibes With pMAD On His Brand New Rad Single ‘DOWN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

15 February 2023

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of Irish post-punk, gothic rock artist Paul Dillon
from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland. He has been described as;
“If The Cult and The Mission had a child this is what it would sound like”.

Last year he released his pretty special
debut full length
Who Why Where What.

And now here’s new rad single DOWN .

“The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotional turmoil that arises
when personal safety and self-worth are threatened, reminding us
that until we confront these issues, the cycle of suffering will persist.
However, with the power of self-reflection and a realisation of life’s
value, one can choose to break free from the cycle and reclaim their
self-esteem and identity.”

TUTV: Down is a riveting rockabilly-infused pick-me-up cracker
with a Batman Theme-like groove as its backbone. Rotating guitar
riffs, speedy rhythm, yearning vocals. pMad has as much lust for
life as Iggy Pop had. So should we all have.

“My life is worth living
My Life is worth living
You’re in my head
Now that I am alone

We Begin Again
We Begin Again
We Begin Again”

Stream/buy here.

Also on Spotify.

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Shake Your Hips With Irish Mean Groove Machine pMAD In Your Bomb Shelter

Standout longplayers

12 December 2022

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of Irish post-punk, gothic rock artist Paul Dillon
from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland. He has been described as;
“If The Cult and The Mission had a child this is what it would sound like”.

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An introspective look at the artist himself and acknowledges his failings
along with a broader look at how we are destroying our planet and ourselves.
This debut full-length features the five critically acclaimed singles pMAD
released this year, some new pieces and remixes.

TUTV: If you want to take a fitting record into your bomb shelter while hiding for
the fatal day caused by humankind itself take this debut album by mean groove
machine pMAD with you. When we go down, let’s do it with a firework Doomsday
party and let’s reflect, at last, on what and who we fucked up in the past. Maybe redemption can put a last smile on our sad faces.

Once upon a time, Faithless revealed that Jesus is a DJ.
I propose to let pMAD do the djing for this special occasion.

Key tracks: Sisters / Broken / Medicine

Hypnotic psych jam

Bass banger

Nightmarish lullaby

– WHO AM I –
Haunting sledgehammer

Stream/buy the album here…

Also streaming on Spotify

Irish Darkwaver pMAD Warns For Devils And Demons On New Single ‘SISTERS’

New striking strokes

5 September 2022

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of darkwave musician Paul Dillon
from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland</e

New single; SISTERS

It’s pMad’s take on those we love gone too soon. They don’t go away very far, they walk beside us every day… having left such an impression on us! They are still loved, still missed and a very important influence on our lives.

Sisters circles around a repetitive shady bass riff, the beating heart of this doom
and gloom groove. All over it glimmering guitar lines – think of Interpol‘s 6-string
brilliance – cause shimmering flashes while pMad‘s twilight vocal timbre make the mourning picture of missed loved ones complete.

Soul-stirring and idiosyncratic with unanswered
questions about the future. Someone should turn
up the bright lights.

Hold your head up high
and be proud

The devils and the demons
The devils and the demons
will always be there

Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you wish for
It may not always be fair

Buy/stream Sisters here…

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Caring Irish Darkwave Musician pMAD Releases ‘HORROR’ Single For Environmental Charity

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 June 2022

Artist: pMAD
Who: Caring darkwave
musician from Ireland.

New single: HORROR
“This is pMad’s s take on the world and the future in front of us.
Like the future of the planet ‘Horror’ is dark & brooding with
the hint of possible hope!”

Turn Up The Volume: On hearing this nightmarish reflection for the first time this
thought popped up in my mind: if Pink Floyd would be an obscure Goth act today, their 1973 masterpiece would be titled the Dark Side Of Earth.

An alarming record about humankind destroying our warmed-up planet. Many of us are aware of the ongoing destruction and react, but too many ignore the problems and too many just don’t care about the lives of future generations.

pMAD’s message is loud and clear and scary. This horror needs to stop. NOW!

Buy the track here on Bandcamp and
support a environmental charity organisation.

pMAD: Facebook- Instagram