To Hell With Blue Monday Here’s Mean Riff Machine CUFFED UP

2 November 2020

(pic by Ana Karotkaya via Someone Great PR)

Los Angeles’ post-punk hit team CUFFED UP knocked heavily on the gates
of noise rock last year with double A-side single Mother + SmallTown Kid.

And like many other American musicians, they also shout and scream to encourage
the people to come out and vote. They do it with a fitting, sharp-knife-cutting cover of ‘POLITICIANS IN MY EYES’ by 70s proto-punk band Death. A track originally recorded
in 1975, but released in 2009.

“At the time it was released, ‘Politicians in my Eyes’ was a challenge to the government
in place who were sending young racially diverse kids into a war they never wanted. We
covered the song because it runs parallel with our disgust and mistrust of everything the
current government administration has done and stands for.
says the band.

Get ready for a rip-roaring wave of ravage riffs backed by a stormy beat,
a flaring male/female duet chorus, and an extended magnetizing guitar outro.

FUCKING #VOTE LIKE THE COUNTRY’S DEMOCRACY DEPENDS ON IT (WHICH IT DOES) is the band’s loud and clear message. Time to vote that hate-preaching Trump bully out!

Turn up the decibels…

The original protest song…

CUFFED UP: Facebook