Vancouver Band PONYTAILS Dropped New Melancholic Single ‘TOO LONG’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week…

2 June 2019


Who: Harmonious five-piece band from Vancouver BC formed in 2016. After two EPs
the group is working now on their debut LP of which they shared debut single Just

New Track: TOO LONG – A song inspired “by the experience of passing someone by
on the street that you once shared a life with. I feel like it’s close to something we’ve all
experienced, so it felt good to write about.”

Score: The chill out tonality of ‘Too Long’ turns your senses into a melancholic slow
motion mode, into a reposing state of mind. Glimmering guitars, pensive vocals and soothing harmonies create a nostalgic feel good atmosphere. Imagine Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco joining forces for a laid-back session. The outcome would be as moody as you can experience here. Tune in below …

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