PROPHETS OF RAGE Drop New Minacious Sounding Single ‘POP GOES THE WEAPON’…

New sonic impulses

6 September 2019

Mother-Fucking-Rap-Rockers supergroup  PROPHETS OF RAGE with members of Rage Against The Machine (except singer Zach De La Rocha) Public Enemy, Cypress Hill & assisted by DJ Lord and B-Real released back in June a hot-smoking-rap-slam-dunk called  Made With Hate.

And now here’s another fresh arousing whack from their upcoming album. ‘POP GOES THE WEAPON’ refers obviously to all the innocent victims of this year’s several  American mass shootings. As long as the National Rifle Association  has the majority of all greedy politicians in their pockets nothing will ever happen when it comes to dismantle  the killing arms and guns US legislation.

Fortunately,  committed artists like these should stand up, over and over again and attack and despise  all the blood colored billion dollars going to the immoral, money greedy sharks of the NRA and their financing friends in the White House.

Start the fuck you NRA rage here…