HIGH FIVE – 5 New Big Ones For The Weekend

5 new big ones to stay on track in the weekend

7 October 2022

The hardest working band on the planet KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD
– 15 albums in 11 years – launch this month, not one, not two, but three new LPs.
First Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lave this Friday, Laminated Denim next
week and in two weeks Changes

I don’t know what these guys eat, drink, sniff or
swallow, but their production is off the charts.

To start their coming triple tour de force discover new single, and
the awesome, eye-catching accompanying video clip IRON LUNG

KGTLW: Website

Band: POSE
Who: A trio having come from backgrounds covering indie pop, grunge, and post-punk, POSE have unearthed a collective sonic understanding that bridges elements of hard-hitting alternative rock, scintillating pop, and grandiose soundscaping. This culminates in
a sound which blends Ruby’s ‘hypnotic yet soulful’ voice over music which is full to the brim of ‘teeth and claws’.


Throughout the song the vocals vary from in intensity, sometimes floating airily
above the music while at other times digging in with aggression and emotion and eventually all out shouting. The lyrics offer a subtle introspection over the role schools
and societies play in sculpting children into teenagers, almost as though they’ve come straight off of a production line.

This is a spectacular stunner, an astonishing roller coaster, a staggering
mixed emotions hellraiser combining insane guitars with dream pop luster.

Don’t miss this…

POSE: Instagram – Facebook

Swedish experimental weirdo squad GOAT will make their
fans wild with their 4th LP, named OH DEATH, on 21st October.

But first new single DO THE DANCE.

Jungle punk drums for a voodoo dance…

GOAT: Facebook – Instagram

Who: A singer-songwriter from
Dublin, Ireland based in NYC

From upcoming album The Slow Death of the LoveMyth.
Out on 21 October.

Lana Del Rey going Gothic? Yes, but via singer-songwriter Ronan Conray
who turns her gripping 2012 ballad Dark Paradise into a darkwavish Goth-pop
tune, inflaming emotions with a synth-symphonic chorus.

Highly entrancing cover!

Tune in

RONAN CONROY: Facebook – Instagram


Artists: TFD
Who: As they claim themselves “It was beyond time for a band
to form from the ashes of long-dead late-80s joy and now one has.

“We wrote this tune in less time than it takes to listen to it.”

TFD love total fucking darkness, and I’m sure they love the shadowy side
of British synth-dream-pop icons Pet Shop Boys too. They sound brisk, ghostly
and romantic all at the same time, and also sensually catchy. Touchdown.

How do I hide that I still love you?
Headed blind into the light and you’re coming to,
to live in the clouds with the cherubim,
you can be an angel and I’ll be Him.

Stream/buy TFD here…

TDF: Instagram – Twitter